Like many people who lived a zero waste lifestyle, I didn’t jump into this lifestyle the day I was born. I thought I was living a normal life because I didn’t know of any other lifestyle. As a Cultural Studies major, I knew that trash and waste was a problem to the point that it is causing conflicts in many countries and regions in the world. I knew that the way that we use and see plastic is a modern social concept brought on my commercialism and our materialism. Despite knowing this, however, I didn’t change anything, and the sense of guilt kept nagging me in the back of my mind.

It wasn’t until my third year of university that I learned about the zero waste lifestyle and movement. I was watching Lauren Singer’s TedxTeen talk one day and I realized how many items I had that were unnecessarily made out of plastic. All of my day to day were plastic, including my toiletries. My coffee pods that I thought were so convenient are so incredibly wasteful because they can’t be recycled. All the sentimental items that I have are made out of paper or plastic.

I am currently entering my fourth year in my Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies and Creative Writing degree. I was the former Arts Editor of The Phoenix News and am now a Journalist for Upbeet Foods.